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Aerial Video UK

Aerial Video UK

​Aerial Imaging in Dorset and Beyond​Offering aerial stills photography and video ​in Dorset, the surrounding counties and the rest of the UK. Nick Stubbs is a fully qualified, licensed and insured UAV (drone) pilot ​shooting up to 4K RAW video. ​Since 2015, I have been shooting unique and eye-catching aerial video services​ in Dorset and the […]

Website Building and Maintenance

Website Building, Updates and Maintenance

Modern and Current Website RequirementsThe requirements, legal aspects, readability recommendations and systems have changed an awful lot of the years. Building and hosting a website online these days requires a lot more attention than simply using a free website-building host to “throw something together”. Inevitably you will waste a lot of time and end up […]

Sun, Cycles and Stardust

Sun Cycles and Stardust

How a Simple Bike Ride Turned to Religion, Science and Too Much ThinkingFather…it has been more than 10 days since my last bike ride…After all the excesses of Christmas and the New Year, I finally plucked up the courage to get out on my bike this morning and thought I would do the shorter route […]

Breadboards and Broomsticks

Breadboards and Broomsticks

Buy Cheap, Buy Twice Whether it’s a Breadboard or Photographer!We recently visited a wonderful country craft fair in the New Forest in Dorset where all local crafty people were displaying their wares. Things such as local produce, paintings, clothes, candles as well as the usual eateries.I was drawn to a stall where this guy had […]