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Public After Dinner Speaker

Dominic Brittain After Dinner Speaker

Business, Key Note, Guest and After Dinner Speaker – Dominic BrittainDominic Brittain is an ex bomb disposal officer now running his own leadership, consultancy and training business all over the world. Dominic is also a well-respected public, key-note and after dinner speaker who also runs a farm.Part of my job as a photographer and videographer […]

Wool Blankets from Simply Dorset

Pure Wool Blankets from Simply Dorset

Real Woolen Blankets from Dorset SheepI recently did a commercial photography shoot on a local farm in Dorset for a company called “Simply Dorset“. As well as breeding lambs on their farm, Simply Dorset also manufacture high quality, pure wool blankets from the Poll Sheep that they rear.These blankets come in 5 different and perfectly […]

The Smile From a Veil…

The Smile from a Veil

Wish You Were Here – Pink FloydWish You Were Here by Pink Floyd is one of the most famous songs written by the group. It has a deep meaning that resonates with so many people all over the world, each of whom have their own interpretation as to its meaning.If I had to choose, I […]