About Nick Stubbs

Hi, I'm Nick ​

​I am the founder of Freefly Multimedia Ltd ​(est​. 2010) with the aerial division being incorporated in 2015.

​Photography and video has been part of my life since I was a young teenager and I still have that passion today​. I'm privileged to have had this as a career for most of my adult life.

Whilst I generally dislike being on the "receiving end" of a camera, I absolutely love being the one taking the shots. Whether ​you need stills photography, 4K creative video or aerial video (drone) work, I ​can help so please get in touch.

Professional, Passionate, Creative, Adventurous...

Nick Stubbs Professional Photographer and Film Maker

Professional Videographer

I love shooting commercial video because it brings audio soundbites and music into the mix. The amount of creative freedom that gives me is immense. Searching for beautiful, appropriate and relevant music is part of the fun for me when making promotional videos.

Of course I always work closely with the client to ensure they are happy. I shoot up to 4K RAW video from both on the ground and from the air. I am a fully qualified, licensed and insured UAV (drone) pilot.

If I am not working, you can normally find me out and about with my camera or drone shooting stock imagery for the numerous libraries I supply to.

Please click on any image to the right (or below on a mobile) to see some sample videos and portfolio clips.

Wedding Videographer in Dorset

Sample Wedding Video

Sample Video Clips

Sample Video Clips

Property Videographer in Dorset

Property Promotion Video

Commercial Business Promotional Video

Commercial ​Video

Professional Photographer

I've been using pro grade cameras since the age of 13 and pretty much know them inside out. I also review cameras and gadgets so I know that what I use is the best for the job at hand.

I love my gadgets and have just about everything I need to ensure I get the most creative and highest quality images for my clients. These include DSLR's, mirrorless cameras, action cameras, sliders, stabilisers and drones.

I specialise in shooting events and commercial projects but will shoot the occasional wedding if you twist my arm! The only things I don't shoot are paparazzi and "the other one". ©

Commercial Photographer Dorset and UK
Interior Commercial Property Photographer
Commercial Property Photographer Dorset
Commercial Product Photographer UK
Commercial Product Photographer UK
Commercial Photographer in Dorset
Commercial Product Photographer UK
Commercial Photographer in Dorset
Wedding Photographer in Dorset
Aerial Photography and Video in Dorset
Aerial Photography and Video in Dorset
Commercial Property Photographer Dorset


Nick Stubbs Family Man

Sonia and I got married in Gibraltar in 2003 when we lived in Spain. Both of our children were born ​in Marbella but we decided to move back to the UK to educate them here in 2007.

Prior to moving to Spain in 1998, I was training to be a skydiving cameraman when I had a serious malfunction. That was one of the main reasons for the move so I guess without that, I wouldn't have my family so every cloud and all that...

Basic Facts: I am an ex-adrenaline junkie having ridden off road motocross 1000 miles across South Africa amongst other things. I skydived for a few years, did a ton of scuba diving in Gran Canaria and I've been known to own the odd super-bike in my time. Kids older, me older, happy to just play guitar these days!