Video Courses

Learn the Basics of Videography

Come and Learn How To Make The Most of Your Video Camera

Whether you own a small, family handycam, a DSLR with HD video or a cool POV (point of view) video camera, you probably aren’t making the most of it.

There are lots of simple things you can do right away that will give your footage and clips a much more professional look and feel. Take it a stage further and learn to create videos that wow your family and/or customers. All our courses are bespoke so you tell us what you want to learn and we will build a course around that.

What will you learn?

These are some of the things you can learn on our video course:

  • Basic video camera features and functions
  • Basic shooting techniques
  • How to shoot stable footage or correct it later
  • Tripods and why you need them
  • Lenses and how best to use what you have got
  • Types of media (SD, CF, HDD etc)
  • Sound – Massively important to get right
  • Royalty free music – Learn how to include great music without the fear of prosecution
  • Editing – Lots to learn here
  • How to render different outputs for different applications (YouTube etc)
  • Learn about different sites to upload to
  • Learn how to optimise video for your business
  • Learn how to burn to DVD/Blu Ray
  • How to make money from your video camera!
  • Software
  • Accessories

…and so on.

So many people simply record what they see and then upload to YouTube or burn straight to DVD when a little addition here and a little tweak there can make all the difference!

We have a range of different video cameras from broadcast quality HD cameras right down to tiny POV cameras and a few in between. Sometimes it is better to come on a course prior to making any expensive purchases so you know you will end up buying exactly what you need. We also have various software for you to see and try as well as a host of lighting set ups and equipment to play with.

I can guarantee that you will leave our course feeling not only more knowledgable but absolutely raring to go off and start creating amazing videos!


The price for any course goes down in relation to the number of people attending so if you have any friends or family that are also interested, bring them along.

1 Day, 1 Person – £450
1 Day, 2 People – £350 each
2 Days, 1 Person – £750
2 Days, 2 People – £650 each

If you can get a small group together, then the price comes down further depending on the amount of people so if you are part of a club and would like to organise a group course, please let me know. In either case, please get in touch through our contact page.