Rib Rides in Weymouth and Dorset

See the Best of the Dorset Jurassic Coast - Extreme Style 

Rib Rides in Weymouth and Dorset

Rib rides are a fast, extreme and exciting way of experiencing life on the ocean. Rib charters in Weymouth Bay and the Dorset Coast are particularly popular. They offer an exhilerating way to see parts of the Jurassic Coast that you wouldn't normally see. That of course includes our resident Dolphins if you are lucky! 

The summer of 2021 on the south coast of England is looking to be one of the most popular in history. Bookings for all rib rides, events and excursions are going to be snapped up fast. This is due partly to holidays abroad being put on hold. People are also deciding to have a "staycation" until the whole Covid crisis dissipates.

I have ridden on board super fast ribs before. Notably when I was filming the Sailing World Cup in Weymouth and Portland a few years ago. Let me assure you that this is something that you won't want to miss out on

All safety measures are in place for the duration of your rib experience. It is a ride you won't forget in a hurry.

The Rib Rides and Schedules from Weymouth Harbour

Special Forces Rib Rides based in Weymouth harbour will take you out past Nothe Fort and into Weymouth Bay. You will then go on to Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove. If you choose their second route, you will head off to Portland Bill for an exciting trip around the lighthouse and rugged coastline.

Durdle Door

Durdle Door Steps and Beach in Dorset

Durdle Door is a favourite location for any visitor to Dorset looking to see the true Jurassic Coast. The views are incredible from the top as you look down to the beach and the "Door". However, be aware that the steps down to the beach from the car park, whilst not too steep, can be a challenge after a long day chilling in the sun!

Rib Rides to Durdle Door and Beach. View from the Air

The Special Forces Rib Rides will take you to Durdle Door and maybe even go through the Door. That is if your special forces trained driver is sure the sea is safe to do so. 

Durdle Door Up Close From The Sea

Nearby, you also have Lulworth Cove so why not experience all three in one fabulous day! 

Portland Bill - When Two Tides Go To War!

Portland Bill Lighthouse

(Only) if your driver feels the sea is suitable, you may just get some extreme fun over at Portland Bill. About 1.5km out past the Portland Bill Lighthouse is "The Portland Race".

This is a part of the Dorset coast where two tides collide creating some rough seas. All being well and on a calmer day as in the image below, the Rib Rides to Portland will power over The Race in fine, super-stable style!

Rib Rides to The Race at Portland Bill

Over the past few years, Weymouth Bay has been home to a pod of beautiful Dolphins. If you keep your eyes peeled when on your trip, they may come and play!

Filming the Rib Rides Experience in Weymouth

I have been asked to create a promotional video for a new rib experience coming to Weymouth in Dorset. I can't say too much about it now but believe me, this is going to be something special. 

Are you coming to Weymouth or the Dorset Coast this summer? If so, please bookmark my blog or sign up to my newsletter below. We will then be able to inform you when this new experience is launched. 

There are some very special events planned to launch the new rib rides in Dorset...

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