Looking to Take Your Photography, Video or Drone work to the Next Level? 

I am offering 4 topics for online training on a one to one basis in 2024. These are 1-2 hour Zoom sessions that include digital photography, digital video, drone work, WordPress web design and perhaps some business mentoring

Give me as much information on everything you wish to learn prior to the Zoom call, and I will spend an hour or two preparing your lesson. This means we will waste no time fact-finding during the lesson. Thanks.

Multiple Screens Zoom

Using multiple screens and cameras, I will also hold practical tutorials in real time during your lessons where possible. For other lessons, I use screen sharing for video clips, photo editing, video production and web design. Critiquing too if you like...

Nick Stubbs


As an aspiring YouTuber and amateur aerial photographer with several years experience behind me, I lacked the technical knowledge, creative skills and 'polish' that would allow me to raise my online presence up a notch. A day spent with Nick Stubbs changed all that! 

Nick is a very friendly and enthusiastic professional photographer with years of hard-earned experience behind the lens, both on the ground and in the sky. His attention to detail and bespoke tuition is invaluable to any amateur drone pilot and photographer wishing to up their game and learn how to produce consistent, quality products.

Nick provided me with the advice and tips I needed, as well as practical tuition as to how to get the best out of the camera lens, be it using a drone or other system, and provided me with an insight into the directions I could drive my hobby in. I look forward to putting Nick's advice into practice. Thanks Nick!

Pete Galbraith - YouTube Channel: Aerial and Sub-Aqua Drone Pilot

Photography lessons include but are not limited to:

Camera equipment (cameras, lenses, filters, accessories etc), camera settings, techniques, lighting, business ideas (stock, wedding, property and commercial photography), advanced photography.

Video lessons may include drone photography and video plus:

Video cameras, drones, lenses, filters, accessories, the difference between photography and video settings, filming techniques, career opportunities, stock, commercial, wedding and promotional video plus drone roof inspections.

Wordpress websites using specific hosting and templates (incl. SEO):

Discover how best to build your WordPress website the right way from day one. Not all websites are the same and not all components are the same. We'll cover everything from domain purchase to initial build and framework.

What You’ll Get During These Online Photo, Video, Drone & Website Classes

Everyone is at different levels of study and skill so each lesson will be bespoke to that individual. Your first one hour lesson will be based on the initial information you give and will get you well on your way. 

There is no obligation to go further after lesson one but if you would like extra tuition, lessons can be either one at a time or bought in bulk to save money. Bulk lessons can be used for all three lessons available. Photo, video, website. 

You can also stitch your bulk lessons together for up to three hours (subject to availability) and you can "mash in" parts of each course into your sessions.

Digital Photography

Let me know what level you are at and what you are looking to achieve and we can create a plan for you. Learn everything from understanding your camera through to advanced photography techniques to digital imaging using Lightroom and Photoshop.

Digital Video/Drone

As with the photography lessons, let me know what stage you are at and what you would like to learn. We can discuss cameras, equipment, accessories, techniques, technical terms, aerial video as well as video editing basics & beyond.

WordPress Web Design

WordPress is the most popular platform for many websites today. Using specialised plug-ins, I can teach everything you need to know, help to build and improve your site in real time or build it for you (at extra cost). Includes SEO.

About Nick Stubbs

Nick got his first SLR camera aged 13 (1980) and has been shooting everything ever since. He started shooting HD video in 2006 at a wedding in Italy and built his first website back in 2003 whilst living in Spain. Nick has also been teaching for nearly 20 years and has a way of creating many "aha" moments with his students. He does this by understanding each individual's needs and breaking things down in an easy to understand way.

Nick has won multiple awards in photography, worked with many high end clients and was awarded "Entrepreneur of the Year" in his county (UK).

Pricing Plan

Single Session

1 person, 1 hour. Monday to Friday session times: 1pm, 2.30pm & 4pm. Saturday session times: 12pm & 2pm.

2 hours (if available) £195

  • Additional hours at any time £95
  • Price includes 1-2 hours preparation
  • UK hours: 1pm - 5pm daily (3 sessions)
Double Session

2 people, 2 hours. Monday to Saturday session times: 9am - 11am. Mornings only/one session.

  • Additional hours at any time £145
  • Price includes 1-2 hours preparation
  • UK hours: 9am - 11am daily Mon-Sat
regular course

One sentence summary of what they get

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
Advanced course

One sentence summary of what they get

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • X number of bonuses
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 30 minute private coaching call

Have a question prior to booking? No problem, give me a quick call to discuss.

What Past Students Say 

I tend not to ask for testimonials, I guess I am a little shy in that respect. However, it is something I need to change as it is something that I actually teach! When I do get testimonials, it makes what I do all the more worthwhile. Not only is it an obvious ego boost but it shows I am making a difference.

Todor Testimonial

Public Sector

Over the last ten years I have invested in a number of courses with Nick. These include a one to one course covering stock and business, as well as his on-line photography courses which have allowed me to make decent incomes in addition to a full time career.

Chris Testimonial



Hi, I'm Chris and I am a full time wedding photographer who has been looking to broaden my skills as a creative. I've been following Nick's teaching and courses for some time now and it was one of his earlier wedding photography courses that put me in a good position to make wedding photography my full time career!

Sue Testimonial


All explained in detail, so that a beginner like me, can follow along easily. I originally wanted to take this course for the WordPress module. However, having then dipped into the other modules, I've realised that the 3 aspects work well together and totally complement each other.

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Improve Your Photography, Video, Drone Work or Website!