Photography Courses in Dorset

Learn photography in a relaxing one to one environment.

Photo of me taken by past student Tanya Clare

Photography Courses in Dorset

Learn all about cameras, stock photography and video, weddings, websites, business...

Learning photography on a one to one basis will intensify and excel your photographic journey. Courses can be tailored to suit your individual needs. This means you will learn exactly what you want to learn with no fluff, filler or topics you aren't interested in.

Photography Courses in Dorset

Photography Courses

I tend not to advertise my photography courses these days due to me basically always being busy. However, I do occasionally hold a photography course or two in Weymouth (Dorset) throughout the year. I love teaching and cover a variety of photographic subjects including:

  • Wedding Photography
  • Stock Photography
  • DSLR/Mirrorless Camera Training
  • General Photography
  • Photography Business
  • Website Creation and Promotion
  • Bespoke Courses (you design it)

Group courses have taken a back seat lately as I like to concentrate on the more powerful and intense one to one training. This allows you to not only receive my full attention for a full day but also to tailor the course to your own specific needs. However, group courses are available at times (see below).

One to one training is worth it’s weight in gold when you compare it to endlessly surfing the web for answers. Nothing beats hands-on professional training in a practical and classroom environment tailored just for you.

I have held courses both here in Weymouth and as far as London, Nottingham and the Lake District. So, if you are prepared to cover the expenses, I am more than happy to come to you wherever you are. Please be aware that these training days, whether 1, 2 or 3 days are quite intense. However, I guarantee that you will have a number of “aha” moments and leave feeling extremely confident in your abilities.


Due to the nature of these intensive courses and the full attention you receive, obviously we have to charge a little more than our group courses but I can guarantee you will leave feeling ready to let loose on the photography world!

Each full day will last up to 8 hours with lunch included (accommodation not included):



4 Hours

£295 (No accommodation)

One day, One Person

£495 (No accommodation)

One Day, Two People

£395 each (No accommodation)

Two Days, 1 Person

£895 (No accommodation)

2 Days, 2 People

£795 each (No accommodation)

Extra Days

£345 Per Person

1 Week (5 days)

£2095 Per Person (No accommodation)

If you can get a small group together, then the price comes down further depending on the amount of people (see below). Therefore, if you are part of a club and would like to organise a group course, please let me know. In either case, please get in touch through our contact page.

Group Courses

I also hold group courses in video and photography in Weymouth which cost £395 per person (+£35 per night b & b). However, these are only available when I have a minimum of 6 students. Therefore, if you are interested, please drop me an email to get on my waiting list and once I have 6 people, I can organise dates. Thank you.

Once the course is complete, you have full access to my personal mobile number and email address. If you are interested, please get in touch soon.


Nick Stubbs Course Testimonial

Josephine Tunney


I recently attended a one day intensive course with Nick to help me develop ideas about setting up a photography business, learn more about shooting for stock and to generally improve my photography skills. I couldn’t have spent the time better. Nick is a fantastic teacher, patient, incredibly knowledgeable and really easy to talk to.

The day was entirely tailored to cater for my individual needs and learning requirements and we covered a huge range of areas from using off-camera flash to buying new kit and setting up websites. I came away from my course fired up with enthusiasm, with loads of new ideas, knowledge and determination. I can’t recommend one of Nick’s courses enough.

Nick Stubbs Course Testimonial

Megan Turner


Was brilliant to meet you and your family too, thank you so much for looking after us, it really was hugely appreciated. I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed the course, it was worth the money 10 times over - really, really brilliant.

I feel that I’ve learnt more than I ever could have hoped for and, even more amazingly for me - retained some of it! The one-to-one choice was definitely the right one for me. It was a real privilege to have a professional’s attention for two full days! I’ve come away feeling so ready for making the next steps in starting my business that finding myself sat behind my desk at work is very frustrating!

Nick Stubbs Course Testimonial

Ben Wasserberg


I recently spent a fantastic day on a one to one photography course with Nick Stubbs. The day was tailored to my needs via a series of emails and a preliminary meeting and because of this I really felt I got everything I wanted out of the day. We managed to fit in a mixture of Q and A, demonstration and hands-on practical work and the opportunity to learn from such an experienced photographer (and good teacher!) was priceless.

In fact, I soon realised I should have booked myself on this course the minute I bought a DSLR. I left with a real feeling of confidence about not only the practical side of taking great photographs, but the direction in which I wanted to take my hobby in terms of turning it into a profession in the future. Not only is Nick a great photographer, he’s also an enthusiastic mentor and a good guy to hang out with!

Nick Stubbs Course Testimonial



I did a one to one course with Nick Stubbs which was aimed at getting equipped to start the foundations of my photography business. The areas we looked at were stock, business/marketing, weddings, a couple of other opportunities, and work flow.

I found Nick’s enthusiasm infectious and his sense of humour on a par with mine which made an intense day go by like a breeze. We covered all the topics I wanted and have come away inspired, confident and ready to invest my time and effort over the next few years to create a solid photography business.

If you are interested in any of his courses I would highly recommend starting with and then getting in touch with him for a one to one or group course. Thanks Nick and I look forward to seeing you again very soon!



Go on, give one-to-one photography training a try, it worked for me!

Having bought a DSLR camera and a selection of lenses last year I have struggled to really maximise their use and understand all the settings or even the basics. I knew I needed help to unveil this mist of confusion and to unlock the mystery of my equipment.

I had tried group training but the group was too big and I got lost in the variety of experience and came away none the wiser; so I opted for one-to-one training with Nick Stubbs, I liked his work and what he had to say about his training.

I spent the day really delving into exactly what my issues were and so really felt that the training was bespoke to my actual needs. My goal was to come away clear in the use of my camera and confident enough to shoot good pictures.

The training I received was well paced and matched my learning needs, Nick was observant and responsive to my questions. He showed intuition by spotting when I needed extra time on something in particular or a different explanation.

His training style was relaxed and easy to follow with a good ability to adapt and demonstrate points to clearly illustrate them. Additionally there were numerous invaluable hints and tips shared that will no doubt be used to full effect.

Nick is clearly well versed in the professional delivery of various types of photography and was able to use his experience to encourage and inspire me to persevere with hopefully turning a tentative new comer to digital photography into a professional photographer – one day!

At the end of the day’s training I came away with the mist lifted, the mystery unlocked and very enthusiastic to practice, practice, practice!

So go on give one-to-one training with Nick a try it really did work for me.



Hi Nick, My head is still buzzing!! Thank you so so much for a brilliant course - Flashlight brilliant!! I drove straight back home, had to share it all immediately with my partner! 

Am about to check availability of domain names. Will let you know which name I go for. I have read and re-read the notes you gave me and am ready to watch the first DVD. There will be many questions! But for now I hope you have a great week with your lovely family.

All the very best Nick

Photography Courses in Dorset