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Save hundreds on the cost of a roof survey with our quick, safe, clean and cost-effective drone service

Drone Roof Surveys

In the past, roof inspections could be incredibly time-consuming and costly using scaffolding and multiple personnel to get the job done. Using the latest technology, drone roof inspections take a fraction of the time and the cost of a roof survey has fallen dramatically.

As you can see in the image above, this property in Dorset has a problem with nesting seagulls. (Note: All gulls are protected by law). Because of the elaborate nature of the roof, it was impossible to establish where the nest was from the ground. Using scaffolding would have been problematic due to the style and age of the property.

Aerial High Resolution Photography

However, using our drone with high definition stills and 4K video camera, we were able to spot the nest right away. Not only that, as you can see in the image below, we also found two loose slate tiles that also needed attention.

Drone Roof Inspections and Surveys

During the post-flight assessment of the images with the client, it was easy to establish a plan and access route to sort all three issues quickly and efficiently. Our clients were more than happy with the service and have booked us for an annual inspection of their roof.

We charged just £270 for this local drone roof inspection which took around 3 hours with only 90 minutes on site. This included:

  • Pre-flight surveys and risk assessments (done off site prior to flying)
  • On site surveys prior to flying
  • The flight itself (between 30 and 90 minutes depending on roof size and complexity)
  • Image processing, upload and delivery

You could look to pay at least 3 times this amount using scaffolding. Plus the time taken would be much longer and no doubt a lot more hassle and definitely messier.

Drone Roof Inspections and Surveys - Case Studies

People are now realising the cost savings to be had of having a preliminary drone roof survey prior to any scaffolding and/or other services. Over the past year we have been incredibly busy with roof surveys and inspections and have found numerous issues within minutes of getting airborne.

We have found everything from bird's nests, broken, damaged or loose tiles, damp areas and damaged or blocked guttering. For the half hour or so that it takes and the money you could save, we feel it is an invaluable service. Here are a couple of our most recent drone roof surveys in and around Dorset.

Nesting Seagull Thumb

I recently did a roof inspection for the local British Heart Foundation offices which are located in the center of town in Weymouth. The only trouble was that it was nesting season for seagulls. Read how I overcame this...

Drone Roof and Gutter Survey

We recently photographed and surveyed the very large roof of some local council offices. Whilst we found no signs of broken tiles, we did find what looked like a bird's nest and a lot of blocked guttering...

Aerial Roof Survey Sherborne

This roof survey was for a historic building right on the main high street in Sherborne. The roof was being surveyed for restoration/repair work and the only issue we found was a loose tile right over the road and path below...


Our prices start at just £150 for a local, average-sized house (terraced or semi-detached) and £270 for larger detached properties with "multiple" angled roofs. Anything larger will fall into our half day/full day rates of £395/£695.

These all include the necessary safety checks, risk assessments, insurances and high resolution image delivered online securely via Dropbox.

Price increases depending on location, property size and whether you also require 4K/1080p HD video. Please get in touch to discuss your needs below.

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If you need a quick roof inspection in Dorset or surrounding counties for:

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    Possible loose or broken tiles
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    Bird's nests
  3. 3
    Storm damage
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    Blocked guttering

...please get in touch using the form below and we'll get back to you right away. Alternatively, please call us any time on 07518 359223.

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