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Close to 80 Million Websites Are Using WordPress in 2019

I've been building websites since 2004 and started by coding my own using static HTML. This was awfully time consuming and rather tedious back then. After discovering WordPress and the benefits it offered both myself and my clients, I switched.

I converted all of my websites from the old static HTML format and haven't looked back. The hardest was a 1,200+ page help website that I own...that took 6 months to convert over! WordPress has come a long way since its inception and the features and possibilities are endless. The elements I use on all of my sites help them with SEO, rankings, responsiveness, customer acquisition and user experience.





  • Each site is built on the WordPress.org platform and NOT the free wordpress.com website
  • All sites are heavily geared towards good and effective SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • Your website will be responsive and look great on computers, tablets and Smartphones
  • Speed is of the essence in the online world. The aim is to have your site load in less than one second!

Not Just a Pretty Face

If a website is stunning but nobody sees it...is it still stunning? It's all very well having a good looking website, but if no-one sees it, what's the point?

As well as building websites, I have been actively involved in internet marketing since 2005. For this to be successful, I needed to get my sites found. That is why I concentrate as much on SEO as I do on the overall look and feel of your website.

There are a number of factors that go into effective SEO which I won't go into here. Rest assured though, all will be revealed once we get going with your website. If you study this website you are on, www.nickstubbs.com, you can see all this in action. Please look at the site on both a PC/MAC computer as well as your Smartphone.

You will notice that the Smartphone version can be quite different to the computer version in some respects. This is carefully done to ensure the website is fully responsive. That means it looks as good on a small screen as it does on a larger screen. Please note that actual Google people will look at your site and rank it accordingly so be warned.

This is highly important these days because for the first time in internet history, more people are using the web on mobile devices than computers. Google, Bing and other search engines take this seriously and will penalise websites that are not fully responsive.

One Stop Shop

Being a professional photographer, videomaker and drone pilot means I can do the lot. Why pay someone else to do your photography or promotional video when it can all be done at once. Being in control of all aspects of your site means it will be consistent in looks and quality throughout.





This ultimately means that your website will be completed and ready to launch a lot quicker. Quicker than if you were to use multiple suppliers.

To Me, To You...

I have built sites for clients in the past that have ended up being severely neglected. That hurts. After spending a lot of time creating websites for people, I feel a little dismayed when I see those sites "decaying" over time. This is why I have changed the way I work when building websites for others.

First of all, I can maintain the website on your behalf for a monthly retainer fee and continue to update everything for you. I can also help with adding new content such as pages, regular blog posts, photography etc. This leaves you free to do what you do best and run your business.

Secondly, I can pass the reins entirely over to you to manage. To make sure you know what to do, I will spend time with you going over the entire "back-end" of your website. This covers maintenance, page and post creation and updates to plug-ins and other services within the site.

Website Design Prices

The price depends entirely on what you need. You may just want a simple 5 page static business website. Then again, you may opt for the full service including photography, promotional video with aerials etc. We can discuss this in more detail when we meet and when I have a good idea of what you need.

I can build a website from scratch for you or convert your old website over to the new platform.

The price will also include:

  • Web hosting - I recommend one or two hosts that are exceptional in their field. You will be amazed at how different rival hosts can be. Annual cost.
  • Website Design - It is important that we sit down to discuss the look, feel and colour scheme you want for your website. Anything is possible.
  • Domain Name - You can either use your existing web domain or buy a new one. This is also an annual cost (usually around £12 depending on the name).

End Goal

My goal is to present you with a website that not only works well for you and your business, but one that you are proud to show off. Having a great looking site makes you want to share it with the world. Add to that a few features designed to retain customers and visitors once they visit the site and you are good to go!

The Next Step

What I suggest is that we meet up, preferably at your business premises to discuss the way forward. That way I can assess your business and get a feel for the overall design and look for the website. I can also see whether ​aerial video or photograph would be possible. Meeting face to face gets things done quicker and more efficiently as we discuss your wants and needs for the website.

I am based in Weymouth but am happy to travel anywhere in the south including Dorchester, Poole, Bournemouth, Southampton, Devon and so on. A website can be built remotely without face to face contact but I always find it better for us to meet.

​Please ​note: ​In many cases, I provide photography a​nd video along with the website. Therefore, I have to limit the number of websites I build. The reason being I want to concentrate on one website at a time, make it the best it can be and deliver it as ​quickly as possible.

Please complete the form below and we can arrange a suitable time for me to visit. Please be specific as to what you are looking to achieve...thanks.