Interviewing James Lovelock (1919-2022)

Scientist, Inventor and Creator of Gaia Hypothesis

Interview with James Lovelock

James Lovelock at the start of our interview whilst explaining about his experience with Richard Branson and the Galactic mission that exploded during a test flight. Spoiler: James was invited by Richard to fly on the very next mission whilst in his 90's but was sadly too old to fly by the time missions became successful...

I am writing this having just heard the news that James Lovelock passed away last week. He died on his 103rd birthday surrounded by his family and loved ones. In the image above, James is seen showing off one of his early inventions to an ex-Pfizer boss from the United States during my second time filming and interviewing him.

Last year, in 2021, I had the pleasure of interviewing and filming Professor James Lovelock, a scientist and inventor (including the electron capture detector pictured above) best known for his controversial theory that the Earth is a self-regulating community of micro-organisms. The Gaia Hypothesis.

The interview was for the Longevity Forum in the US discussing his thoughts on longevity of life. I was particularly interested in this meeting as I am currently enrolled in a diploma on longevity of life through nutrition.

The interview was planned to be just 15 minutes long but I was there for well over an hour chatting post interview and looking at all his memorabilia. 

Contribution to Science Award

James Lovelock Receiving His Award for Revolutionary Ideas and Lifetime Contribution to Science

James Lovelock receiving his award: "For your revolutionary ideas and a lifetime contribution to advancing our understanding of our planet and the interdependence that supports the Earths' ecosystem


James has written a number of books and I was lucky enough to receive a signed copy of his latest book "Novacene - The Coming Age of Hyperintelligence"

Novacene Book by James Lovelock

James Lovelock on the BBC

RIP James Lovelock

When I met James and his lovely wife Sandra Jean Orchard, they were both still taking daily walks along the beach where they lived.

James passed away due to complications after a fall 6 months ago. However, I'm sure that had he not had that fall, he would still be out there walking today.

The Home of James Lovelock in Dorset

James and his wife lived in this wonderful part of Dorset just along the coast from Abbotsbury.

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