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Drone Roof Survey in Sherborne

Drone Roof Survey Sherborne High Street

Drone Roof Survey in Sherborne High StreetThis building on Sherborne’s Cheap Street needed a drone roof survey for renovation work. A problem was spotted and a lot of money saved simply using a drone. A drone roof survey or inspection is a fast and cost-effective way of finding loose or broken tiles, crumbling brickwork on […]

Aerial Mapping 3000 Acres of Farmland

Aerial Mapping of a Farm

​Aerial Mapping 3000 Acres of Farmland​Photographing North ​Dorset Farm with a Drone​I have done a few jobs with this beautiful Organic farm in Dorset​. However, this particular aerial mapping project for the farm was ​by far the most challenging. The brief was to use the drone to photograph ​37 ​large fields (some huge) from various […]

Drone Roof Inspections and Aerial Surveys

Drone Roof Inspections and Surveys

Drone Roof Inspections and Surveys DorsetSave hundreds on the cost of a roof survey with our quick, safe, clean and cost-effective drone serviceIn the past, roof inspections could be incredibly time-consuming and costly using scaffolding and multiple personnel to get the job done. Using the latest technology, drone roof inspections take a fraction of the […]

How to Get a Drone “License”

Where to Get a Drone License

Drone License – ​How to Apply for a ​PFCOLearn to fly and earn legally with your droneFirstly, a drone license isn’t actually a thing…it doesn’t exist. To fly a drone in the UK you will need either a PFCO (permission for commercial operations) or registration with the CAA. So, how to fly a drone non-commercially? […]

Aerial Video for Dorset Wedding

White Label Aerial Video

Fluffy clouds, blue skies and light winds…White labelling, or “private” labelling you or your business is a great way of helping others with their work. You can assist with contracts whilst allowing businesses to retain their own identity and brand. It is also good for people like myself who don’t want the hassle of employment […]