​Aerial Mapping 3000 Acres of Farmland

​Photographing North ​Dorset Farm with a Drone

Aerial mapping of a farm

​I have done a few jobs with this beautiful Organic farm in Dorset​. However, this particular aerial mapping project for the farm was ​by far the most challenging. The brief was to use the drone to photograph ​37 ​large fields (some huge) from various angles in order to:

  • ​Map the boundaries
  • ​Check the structural integrity of the fences and gates
  • ​Ensure the security is efficient enough to deter poachers
  • ​Create a permanent record of each field
  • ​Check the health of the soil by looking at discolouration from above

If you look to the bottom right of the image above, you will see me and the head of security. ​You can just make us out photographing a single field near his landrover. That should give you an idea of the size and extent of this job.

The fields cover a vast area of land which is only just accesible in parts using an off-road vehicle. Couple this with the fact that I only had 7 batteries available and you can feel the stress I was under.

Each battery would last 14 minutes at the most and I had one day to complete the aerial mapping shoot!

​Job Done!

​Regardless of the challenges ahead, I am proud to say I (single-handedly) got the job done​. However, it was completed with just minutes to spare ​as we apporached the end of their working day​.

All I needed was a 1-2 hour break in the middle to re-charge the batteries and all was well.

I have to say I love this farm and their whole ethos and was proud to be able to help. I also feel for the security guy that had to spend weeks WALKING the entire boundary alone. This was to further inspect fences, gates and public rights of way.

​Qualified and Insured Drone Pilot

​If you are looking to have a similar survey done of your own farm or plot of land, please get in touch. I have now been flying drones commercially for nearly five years using state of the art camera equipment

​The ​Extent of This 3,000 Acre Farm

Aerial Mapping of a Farm