Storm Ciara on Weather Channel

​"Weather Gone Viral" 

​After putting my short video of the family out playing in Storm Ciara (safely I might add), it went "sort of" viral. Well, it got 8,000 views in a day or two which is pretty good for me.

Anway, not long after that, I received an email from Weather Group in the US asking if I would commission the clip. They want to use ​it on episode one of "Weather Gone Viral" when it resumes in August on The Weather Channel.

​Of course, I happily obliged and look forward to seeing us all (and Storm Ciara) on American TV in the summer!

"From whirling tornadoes, to torrential rains, to harrowing hurricanes, Weather Gone Viral gives viewers unprecedented access to some of the most insane meteorological moments from around the world. As ordinary days turn into chaotic calamities, viral videos capture the outrageous moments as they explode on camera. These exciting, dramatic, and unbelievable clips will keep viewers on their toes as we use voice over, interviews and graphics to test their weather-related knowledge and make sense of the mayhem."