Testing New Aerial Camera and Lens

Aerial Video Dorset - 4K Video and 16mp Stills

Testing New Aerial Camera and Lens

I have spent the best part of whatever good weather we have had for the past 8-10 weeks trying to get the best quality from my new aerial camera upgrade.

To match the Inspire 1’s agility, speed and reliability, I recently upgraded the gimbal, camera and lens to a much higher quality set up allowing me to produce even sharper footage with greater dynamic range and beautiful 16mp still photos.

The DJI X5 camera is a Micro Four Thirds (M43) set up which means it has a much larger sensor than before. With the improved “light-catching” ability and larger size, I can now produce sharper, clearer footage with richer colours and better dynamic range (the difference between light and dark areas of the scene).

Another benefit of the new X5 camera is the ability to change lenses…something I have been waiting for since buying the UAV (drone). I have added the Olympus Zuiko 12mm f2.0 lens and the results are amazing. Olympus are one of my oldest and favourite manufacturers producing quality equipment for decades.

Check out the short series of clips below all taken at Abbotsbury and Cerne Abbas in Dorset last week. Best watched full screen at 4K on a 1080p or higher resolution screen.

Aerial Video and Photography in Dorset

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About the author

Nick Stubbs is a professional photographer, filmmaker and drone pilot with over 35 years experience in the imaging business. Still as passionate about his work as he was aged 13. Married with two kids and living in the beautiful town of Weymouth in Dorset.

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