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The only way is up…for your business!

We offer up to 4K aerial video and high resolution stills from up to 400 feet in the sky. We are fully qualified, licensed and insured UAV (drone) pilots with 4 years experience. Our clients include Pinewood Studios, the BBC, Channel 4, and the Tate Modern Art Gallery in London.

Aerial footage of your town, city or business can only enhance people’s perception and interest in what you are promoting. Just about anything and anywhere looks great from the sky.

It is only since the rise in popularity of cameras on UAV’s (or drones) that we have started to see our surroundings in a totally different way. Civilian airplanes and helicopters are never allowed to fly below a certain height. However, all of us look out of the plane window during take off and landing because we can see things so clearly, easily and differently.

That same feeling can be applied to just about any business or area that we film. From between 10 and 400 feet we can give your clients something to Wow! at with a new, aerial promotional video.

Market your town, city or property from a new perspective

Note: The video above was my first draft of this project expecting the client to make changes. They didn't.

We are qualified, licensed and insured pilots flying high-tech, safe and innovative UAV’s (drones). We can not only capture your town, city, land or property from a unique aerial perspective, but we can also offer additional touches:

  • Graphics to illustrate certain features, dimensions and surrounding areas
  • Stunning 4K/1080p footage from both the sky and the ground
  • High resolution photography

Have a look at the video reel below, it is one of our first videos back in 2015 when we upgraded our UAV. Think about how this style of aerial video can really push your town, city or business forward with a unique and beautiful looking style.

Note: Click full screen in the bottom right of the video for a larger view.

Imagine the potential

Now you have seen the short video above, hopefully you can see the potential for promoting pretty much anything from the sky. In particular:

  • Properties
  • Land surveys and boundary planning
  • Towns
  • Cities
  • Areas of natural beauty
  • Events
  • Weddings

If you are interested, there is a lot to discuss. Firstly with regards to permissions, safety checks, pre and on-site surveys and so on. Then there is your vision for the kind of promotional video you want so please get in touch.

We can help to really promote your land, property, business etc.

CAA Rules and Pricing

Please note there are also a number of restrictions set out by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) that need to be discussed and adhered to. Prices are on request as each job is unique with a bespoke plan and storyboard.

We are Dorset based but work anywhere in the UK and abroad. Please contact us using the details below and we can discuss your project in more detail.

CAA License
  • Pilot: Nick Stubbs
  • Email: Click Here
  • Tel: 01305 458798
  • Mob: 07518 359223
  • Address: 82 Rodwell Avenue, Weymouth, Dorset. DT4 8SQ
About the author

Nick Stubbs is a professional photographer, filmmaker and drone pilot with over 35 years experience in the imaging business. Still as passionate about his work as he was aged 13. Married with two kids and living in the beautiful town of Weymouth in Dorset.

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