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Held at the DJI Experience Centre in Chichester, West Sussex

I am excited to announce that I am the new Head of Training Manager at the Drone Safe Store in Chichester. Drone Safe recently moved into their new, state-of-the-art premises in West Sussex that has some incredible features. They have a large mezzanine floor, where we hold the training, that overlooks the sales/cafe/flying area below. This includes a purpose built and safe "cage" where students and customers can effectively "try before they buy".

DJI Experience Centre Launch Day

Visitors can relax with a coffee and snack as the excellent Drone Safe Store staff advise and help with your new drone purchase. With a wide variety of DJI drones in stock and for testing, you'll be hard pushed to leave without a drone that suits your needs whether professional or personal.

Below is some of what you can expect on our Drone Training Masterclass course.

Perfect Your Flying Skills

Perfect Your Flying Skills

After a quick overview of the drone, we cover all aspects of planning and flying your flight safely and effectively. We also cover some essential and recommended accessories that you may need.

App, Remote and Camera Settings

App, Remote and Camera Settings

Here we teach you the best way to control your drone through the app and remote. We also dive into camera settings for the best stills and video capture as well as basic composition skills.

Editing and Processing

Editing and Processing

Now all you need to do is edit your images and video clips to present them in the best way. You'll learn some invaluable tips and tricks from professional pilots with 20+ years experience.

Drone Training Courses UK

Perfect your drone flying skills

In the first section of the course, we will run through the various drones available for beginners. these include the DJI Mini 3 Pro, DJI Air 2s and Mavic 3 for those with a larger budget. These are all exceptional drones and will suit a variety of needs.

We then go through the requirements and advise when planning a flight in any location for safety as well as capturing the perfect shot. This also includes a section on various necessary accessories as well as those ones that add superb creativity.

The idea is to get you to a professional standard even if you want to remain a hobbyist or amateur drone pilot!

The DJI Fly App, Remote and Camera Settings

We spend some time here as this is generally where people ask for or need the most guidance. The Fly App, once you are familiar with it, needs very little adjusting once you have your preferred settings. All you need to focus on then is the focus, aperture, shutter speed and ISO all of which we cover in great detail along with frame rates and other essentials.

Editing and Processing

Whilst a lot of the skills you will learn relate to flying on this course, you also will learn that a lot of the magic happens in post-production. We run through some useful and recommended software as well as handy tips and guidance on basic editing techniques. Just as important as the footage is the music you use to show it off. You'll not just learn where to source music but how to choose the best track, beat and tempo to make it stand out from the crowd. Watch as I edit a short video.

Drone Training Course Outline

Drone Training Courses Outline of Day

Current Drone Training Course Dates - Limited Spaces

When you book using the links below, please drop me an email or call me on 07518 359223 to let me know and leave your phone number. I'd be more than happy to give you a quick call to give you a quick overview of the course and what is needed from you. Thanks, Nick.

Course Location - DJI Customer Experience

Drone Flying from a High Speed Sunseeker Boa

Filming and flying a drone from on-board a fast-paced, brand new Sunseeker boat being put through its paces for a seawater review