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Second Shooting with Drones is Fun But Less Pressure

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White label drone video of the confetti walk in slow motion at a wedding

Taking on the role of a drone "second shooter" or white label videographer for a day is fun. You get to fly your drone and enjoy the day that little bit more as the pressure is less than if you were the main videographer. 

Many Dorset videographers, myself included, don't always have the time to shoot drone video as well as the usual video requirements. This is when the white label videographer comes in super handy.

White-labelling means they work under your company banner or brand for the allotted time. However, you must work with STRICTLY no self-promotion. Not only would that be unethical but it would mean no more work for you.

This particular shoot was for Harry at Plato Video in Bournemouth, Dorset. A very talented chap who I have worked with on numerous occasions with my drones.

Need a White Label Videographer?

If you are looking for someone to help with drone or ground video work on your production, please get in touch. I am also more than happy to be a second stills shooter for weddings, commercial shoots or events in Dorset, the South and UK.

About the author

Nick Stubbs is a professional photographer, filmmaker and drone pilot with over 35 years experience in the imaging business. Still as passionate about his work as he was aged 13. Married with two kids and living in the beautiful town of Weymouth in Dorset.

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